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31 Effective Methods to Calm a Crying Baby

Crying is a baby’s way to communicate with you. They can’t talk yet so they need to know they want something. Unfortunately for you that means trying to figure out just what baby doesn’t like. Sometimes its obvious like a smelly diaper. Other times your baby will appear to cry …
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Top 10 Best Baby Wash for Newborns

Looking for the best baby wash for newborns? Your little bundle will need the occasional bath to keep them fresh and clean. Baby wash is designed to be gentle on your baby’s skin while keeping dirt and bacteria at bay. Like most baby products there is a lot of choice …

How to Wash a Newborn Baby- Step by Step Guide

So you want to know how to wash a newborn baby? The thought of bathing such a tiny, slippery human is probably making you very nervous. You’re already convinced you’ll do it wrong, that baby will slip or you’re taking too long. Don’t worry Stork Mama are here to help. …